Arturo Nava-Lacorte, Department of Oncologic Surgery, High Specialty Medical Unit 14, IMSS, Ver., Mexico
Jessica A. Carreto-Navarrete, Internal Medicine Department, Universidad Veracruzana. Ver., Mexico

Small bowel tumors are rare and account for 1-2% of all gastrointestinal neoplasms and < 5% of all malignancies in the gastrointestinal tract. A 65-year-old man presented with anemia and melena for approximately 6 months, treated with several blood transfusions. Endoscopy is performed, finding gastritis atrophy. The patient underwent contrast computerized tomography identifying a tumor in jejunum proximal approximately 3 cm diameter, so laparotomy is performed finding tumor from 30 cm of Treitz angle, and it was performed resection with clear margins. Histological examination revealed pleomorphic sarcoma of jejunum.

Keywords: Pleomorphic sarcoma. Jejunum. Small intestine.

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