The Mexican Journal of Oncology (Gaceta Mexicana de Oncología) is the official journal of the Mexican Society of Oncology (Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología, SMeO). Its goal is the communication of scientific information and for this purpose, it is fully funded by the SMeO.


Gac Mex Oncol. does not sell spaces for advertisement to the pharma industry. The journal’s content is edited by the editorial office and passes peer review.


Gac Mex Oncol. strongly supports open access initiatives: the journal do not charge anything to the authors (nor before nor after publication) and all articles are free to the reader from the very first moment of the publication. Articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This allows anyone to copy and distribute the work for non-commercial purposes as long as the original work and the source are properly cited.